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There is a quick and easy way to check for errors in syntax, undeclared variables, and typos that the VB editor didn't spot when you were typing your code.

This process, called "compiling" the code, effectively carries out a "dummy-run" of the code without actually changing any data.

My example shows the date in dd/mm/yy format because I work in the UK and that is how I normally enter dates.

You can use a custom function in the same way as you would a built-in function. Here's how to add a text box displaying a person's age on a form: In design view, draw a new text box on your form using the Text Box tool.

In Access 2000/XP you can rename a module from the properties pane. This one will contain functions so I've named it "Functions".

Click on the module name in the Project Explorer pane, then change "Module1" in the Properties pane to your chosen name (usual object naming rules... If you are working in Access 97 you can name now by clicking the Save button and typing your chosen name in the dialog box.

In some places I have provided separate instructions for Access 97. A module is simply a container for a collection of VBA code.

Move to the Modules section of the Access Database Window and click the [New] button.

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Microsoft introduced the Visual Basic Editor, a separate program that runs from within Access, with Access 2000.Queries are written in a standard language called SQL (Structured Query Language) which is used by all database programs.

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