Free discipline chat rooms

22-Oct-2017 23:13

Collecting a list of such rooms here could increase their visibility.

This was previously discussed on meta and gained some support: Would list of chat rooms (and chat room suggestions) be useful?

Because of this, you and I can only handle so much data processing and scanning on our own. Meaning, when “anyone” can join, you are going to get all sorts of different characters with various motivations and goals.

simply put, paying per week to join my private trading group, , (less than literally one cup of coffee per week) to gain more helping eyeballs is well worth it, and at that price, is an extremely cost effective way to invest into your trading tools.

There is an Unanswered Tracker Feed in the room that indicates the change in the number of unanswered questions from day to day. SE site and its users - this room was started as a reaction to discussions on meta saying that congratulatory post are no longer welcome on meta (or at least some part of users does not like them).

See, for example, this meta discussion: Are congratulatory posts off-topic on meta? Some brief description of the purpose of the room is also given at the beginning of the room transcript.

I have pinged the users who created those rooms first to ask whether they want the room to be listed here - since I did not want to include them without their approval.

It is probable that some reading/study groups will eventually come to an end.

In other words, “I have a full time job” is not a valid reason to not look into adding this valuable tool to your box.

It would seem best if we could create a special page which is designed to be easy to review and keep up-to-date.

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