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Last season, she dealt with something else rarely seen on TV: being the partner of someone suddenly disabled, coping with her spouse’s anger and grief while managing to keep herself buoyed. As the show wraps up, we spoke with Conlin — who is also one of the few Asian-American women on prime-time TV — about Angela’s evolution.That first season, did you have any idea where Angela could and would go?Whoever is at the top kind of determines how things go in a room and on set. Those characters — I think every actor will say this, but certainly after playing something for so long — they’re just in you.I’m not sure who wrote the episode that you’re talking about, but our current show runners are the same way. There are definitely things she’s done that have rubbed off on me. I remember when I started the show, I was like, Over the years, that’s definitely become more a part of my personality.I spoke to the writers a little bit about it but I felt like they really got it. That it wasn’t just in one episode, and then he was out of the wheelchair and everything was fine.

When they are portrayed it always — I feel like it’s meant to show me that they’re bisexual, rather than just having them be bisexual. Angela’s philosophy is that you love who you love and it’s not gender-based. Because we don’t hear a lot about your personal life in the media. The show’s been consistent at not portraying queer people as victims.It’s really amazing to hear them all talk about that they love seeing this lady scientist, or that now they want to study forensic anthropology. Angela rolls in and doesn’t have any of those things.The audience, I feel, always got to breathe a little bit through her character [and] that she didn’t know the answer to everything.They make it come from a very grounded place, which after 235 episodes or whatever we did, is kind of a tall order, every week. But part of me never wants to let her go, because I’m so inspired by who she is.

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But all good things, you know, they must end, at least for now — who knows with this show?

There are a dozen different bisexual tropes that have been employed on television and film, with the “depraved bisexual” among the most common, although the power-hungry bisexual (think Cyrus Henstridge on ) is fast on its heels.