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I had a few apples,the fibre seemed to fill me up... Almost like somedays more female oriented and other days manly. I dont remember it, however I do have a recurring dream about a very traumatic pain and excessive fear during a medical... but I don't have breast or an uterus, which mean I may look like a woman from outside world but inside I am not. But recently it has been growing huge with no signs of slowing down.

Life has been very hard on me growing up having both sexes. and trust me writing this and confess this is really really difficult for me. I can no longer wear skirts and strap it down when in public fearing it will be hard. i dont really know how, i cant finger the exact reason or cause for it, but by sharing here and finding im not alone in the world, only my locale, i have somehow gained a tremendous self confidence, and i think it has enforced what little hope i had left, i know my previous posts...

One strong feeling I get, having read of all the struggles and hardship many Hermaphrodites have had to endure, is anger. I guess I deserve it if I can't even finish an Edith Wharton novel, "oh please don't take the sleeping pills, I'll sell Rip Van Winkles hat". I'm going to spare the long boring details and start with this. If you don't like it, then I guess you don't have to but don't tell me you don't like me just to prove your point.

There is no need, you're going to get bad feed back and the block button is right...

So many ppl are use of judging what they see, what about what you don't? I don't know if they tend to keep their secret to themselves or what.

I am currently "on the hunt" lol for an intersex friend whom I can learn from and lust for. I have always been intersted in meeting a real hermaphrodite.

My name is Serena im 16 and in March 25 will be 17 i did my age as 18 when i joined,because i was restricted to what i can do,i'm half Chinese and half Japenese.parants and my 6 sisters and 2 brothers are... I have as some may say an eclectic group of friends and aquaintanses (sp? I do have a birth control device in my left arm to stop my periods.

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I think they did surgery on me to try and "fix" me. I Think you people are beutifull even though i am not a hormophrodite if some one talk crap about you tell them to go screw themselves. If you can accept who you are then that is wonderful.

I just had my birthday and realize how life is just passing me by. I am just a little bit jealous seeing my little sisters and... We will have horses for horse back riding in the mountains, hiking, fishing. Im chatting with a few new friends,we are even thinking of meeting up this summer!

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