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These early fortune tellers had phonograph players inside and would spreak your fortune, but had no animatronics.In the 1930 to 1950s, International Mutoscope, Doraldina Company, Genco, Mike munves and others had fortune tellers but they lost their voice.Arcade video games started to come out about 1976, and none of these are covered here.This document only pertains to games that used mechanical and electro-mechanical devises to created their game play.To compensate they had motion; breathing, eyes moving, hand waving, head nodding, etc. This style continued until the late 1960's when Prophetron Company made Zoltan, which used an 8-track tape player to deliver an audio fortune to the customer and did not have any animatronics.

No game specific information, but very cool arcade pictures from days past. Coin operated fortune tellers have always been popular at penny arcades.

The early animatronics seem quite realistic (especially given the era in which they were made).

The 1988 Tom Hanks movie "Big" didn't hurt the popularity of fortune tellers either (Hanks visits a boardwalk fortune teller who transforms him from a 13 year old kid to an adult).

Also looking for other arcade games including Jet Fighter (Williams 1954), Mystic Swami (Mutoscope 1954), Batter Up (CCM 1958), Play Ball (Evans 1941), Bat-A-Score (Evans 1948), K. Champ (Mutoscope 1955), Midget Skee Ball (CCM 1949), Skee-Ball-Ette (Gottlieb 1940), Ski-Ball (Evans 1940), In the Barrel (Evans 1940).

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I am also looking for gun games such as Bally Derby (1960), Bally Gun Smoke (1959), Bally Space Gunner (1958).Though fortune tellers go against my "playing fun factor" (you really don't play a fortune teller!