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Notable members of the peregrini increasingly adopted Roman culture and behaviour, became Roman citizens, and the councils of the two communities began to take decisions in unison.

The increasing closeness of the communities was facilitated at first by their geographic proximity - there was no physical distinction between their two settlements - and then later by institutional arrangements.

The creation of the colony of Carthage during the reign of Augustus complicated Dougga's institutional status.

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During the same era, the pagus won a certain degree of autonomy from Carthage; it was able to receive bequests and administer public funds.

which is a sign of continuing Punic influence and the preservation of certain elements of Punic civilisation well after the fall of Carthage.

The Romans granted Dougga the status of an indigenous city (civitas) following their conquest of the region.

Nonetheless, it was not until 205 AD, during the reign of Septimius Severus, that the two communities came together as one municipium, made “free” (see below) while Carthage’s pertica was reduced.

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The city was supported by the euergetism of its great families of wealthy individuals, which sometimes reached exorbitant levels, while its interests were successfully represented by appeals to the emperors.Further to the east, the ridge of the Fossa regia, a ditch and boundary made by the Romans after the destruction of Carthage, indicates Dougga’s position as a point of contact between the Punic and Berber worlds.

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