Who is zoe myers dating

30-Jul-2017 09:30

“That, and I had gotten in the habit of believing it was better to take up less space.”The wry tone and plainspoken honesty evident in her article and on her Twitter account is also refreshingly evident when we met.“At 16 I was very lonely and very enmeshed in my family life,” she said when I ask how she compared to Rose. I was really lonely in high school, really serious. When her friends—older than her—would leave it meant one less friend.

“I felt set apart in a funny way I can’t explain.”Today she has “wonderful friends,” but laughs that she feels set apart from people in other ways. Earlier in my twenties when everyone was going out, I felt I had to go home and do a rewrite. It takes some people longer to get into their work.

Back at home lights would flicker on and off when she entered or left a room.

“That house definitely had a hauntedness about it,” she said, with various noises and presences. I didn’t like having that feeling,” Kazan said, laughing.

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Although Kazan has appeared in mainstream fare like It’s Complicated, she is best known for roles in indie movies, including The Savages, Meek’s Cutoff, and Ruby Sparks, which she wrote the screenplay for, leading to two prestigious award nominations.“It’s just what happened,” she said of the indie route her film career has taken thus far.A rigorous multi-tasker herself, she is also a writer—most recently of a movie, Wildlife, which she has written and produced with her partner, the actor Paul Dano, who is also directing it.

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