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Their youngest recently signed to a modelling agency, but “she’s not thinking about a career yet. Social media can make someone famous as opposed to having to be on a magazine cover. I’m not sure it’s like that any more.” We talk a bit about life Chez Gerber-Crawford. It’s amazing.” When they are at home, “typically we barbecue and hang out with the kids.She likes modelling and she’s watched her mum do it, but she’s still in school.” I say that the industry doesn’t seem half as great as it did back during his wife’s heyday, when everyone was glamorous and glossy and gorgeous. He says he is a “lucky man” to be married to the 49-year old. Sometimes we’ll play games together, like Backgammon.” Sexy!

This summer they went to Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. I note that it is indeed lovely, but that he’s barely touched his at all.

“We wanted to be able to drink it all night and not feel hungover. I wonder, given the sober approach to drinking in California, if he has any tips on responsible drinking. “So at about 3am, my wife comes in and she’s like, 'OH MY GOD, I JUST GOT INTO BED WITH GEORGE.’” And Rande is, like, 'what?

It’s very different to most people’s experiences [of tequila] back in college or university.” They are launching it in the UK now in part so that Clooney can buy it when he is in the country, which is far more now he is married to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin. She likes the fact she doesn’t get a headache the next day.” I tell him that this miraculous hangover-free tequila is bound to go down well with us over here, where we like a drink or seven. ’ “She was like, 'I walked into the guest room and I got into bed with who I thought was you - passed out, face down with your clothes on.

The couple was joined by close pals Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, making for a sweet double date night.

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Amal kept things sexy in a lace crop top, while George looked handsome as always in a black suit.George Clooney has a major milestone coming up: fatherhood.