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27-Jan-2018 18:16

If doing the traditional pumpkin carving, make sure kids do it with an adult so that carving is fun and safe.

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However the status bar is not showing in a brand new Windows7/Firefox 19 installation. It seems, from what I tested, that Firefox 19 breaks everything related to Status-4-Ever and add-ons that were embedded into the status/add-on bar.Some parishes and towns have already rescheduled trick-or-treating times:“We recommend the adults take their kids out Friday so they can get candy,” Jefferson Parish President John Young said.The recommendations are for the unincorporated parts of the parish. However, some neighborhood groups are planning trick-or-treating on Friday, according to a parenting website. Just because someone offers candy and seems fun it is not a reason to go inside a home.With all the safety in mind for kids at this time of year, adults need to remember to be responsible as well.

You might dress up as a superhero, but you are very human.

Make sure children go trick or treating with a responsible adult and that there is a manageable child to adult ratio.

But you have to get good at believing in yourself and assuming that what you want to be true, is true.… continue reading »

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(Uh-huh.)It's like Uncle Ben said: "With great power comes great responsibility." So, it's up to us to figure out when to make the first move and when to wait it out; when to initiate the postdate text convo and when to leave that to our crush; when someone is actually really busy with work and when they're pulling a fade-out.… continue reading »

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