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College students who live at home enjoy many perks, such as a private bathroom, home-cooked meals and lower tuition bills.

Commuting to a local college rather than dorming can pose challenges, however.

Continue the color scheme in the bedding and other textiles.

Although bedding sets can be expensive, an assortment of print throws creates an eclectic effect when layered with a solid-colored duvet. Sheer panels filter natural light; shades keep out the sun when your student needs to sleep in.

A large desk accommodates textbooks, notebooks and a laptop.

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If dressers are dated but in good condition, revamp them with paint and new hardware.Since commuters don't have the option of running across campus to retrieve forgotten assignments, organization is vital in your daughter's study space.Drawers and files keep papers and supplies in order.Although she's still a teenager, she may prefer framed prints that reflect new interests to little-girl posters of princesses.

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If space permits, an exercise area furnished with a soft mat gives your daughter a place to de-stress during study breaks.Kathleen Berlew has been a writer and editor for more than 25 years.