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13-Dec-2017 11:00

Any price list entries that are before this current entry are not downloaded.

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With the structural and flooring issues resolved, a narrow hallway between the dining area and kitchen was removed, helping open up both spaces.The fields on the Mass Maintenance dialog box that pertain to currency updates are: field. Obtain the current exchange rate from the appropriate person in the organization.You cannot base changes on differences in this mode because the cost information appears in the original currency code, and the recalculated pricing reflects the currency to values.def gather_training_data(games): global data global game_won for each_game in range(games): game = Game() while True: pygame.event.get() game.create_board() if not game_won: prev_board = game.board move = game.random_move() data.append(prev_board) print data time.sleep(5) else: break game_won = False time.sleep(1) window.fill((255, 255, 255)) return data To prevent this from happening, create new lists to append instead of mutating the same list or append copies of the mutated list if it cannot be helped.

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copy — Shallow and deep copy operations How to clone or copy a list?button is the only other button that acts directly on the data in the spreadsheet; the other buttons open dialog boxes, where you select other options.