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“Godzilla Vs Monster Zero” airs tonight on Me TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, and, if you’re in a different time zone, or just unsure where to find us in your area- please check your local listings or at com .Our Chicago viewers are lucky enough to get a second look at “Gargoyles” (which turned out to be one of our highest-rated movies) at 11 am on WCIU, the U.We’ve got one more match-up on the card of battling behemoths- when denizens of a planet hidden behind Jupiter want to recruit earth’s giant monsters to battle a beast that’s destroying their world- in the Toho Studios’ kaiju confrontation – “Godzilla VS Monster Zero”!

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Back on Planet X, in the underground alien headquarters, the still- suspicious Glenn and Fuji sneak away from the control center and make some shocking discoveries- which the aliens are not too pleased with- but they still fulfill their part of the bargain by presenting the Earthmen with tape that supposedly holds the disease cure.

Fuji finds this as yet another reason that his sister is making a bad decision by being involved with such a goofball!