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Later that trip, she’d held both our hands, swinging between us with laughter thrown up to low black clouds.

Robotically, as if I had no choice: “To remind us of better times.” Specifically, that afternoon in the Guadalupe River, where we’d draped our clothes like blankets over the mesquite and lowered ourselves by rope into the cool green water, which accepted us quietly, wrapped around us as my legs wrapped around him, and I thought—This. As if I were already cataloguing them, already knew that one day, I would need to remind myself.

These are not just rules for them to follow at our house. Our children represent our family wherever they go, and we expect them to behave accordingly.

Around us, white lights twinkled from the branches of thick heritage oaks.

” In the silence that followed, I heard myself the way she must have heard me: hysterical. My stepdaughter was fourteen the way I had never been fourteen. She was more beautiful, her body more womanly, than any fourteen-year-old has the maturity to handle.

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She looked nine again, the age she was when I’d met her in Seattle and she’d given me a cool, appraising glance over her father’s shoulder.

I copied this list down a long time ago from somewhere, and these rules have served our family well over the years. It comes from the book New Skills for Frazzled Parents: The Instruction Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child, by Daniel G. 67.) What do you think about having a list of family rules? How has having such a list been helpful to you (or not)?

We have also made it clear to our children that the family rules follow them wherever they go.

Would need to ask: even if it was the best, was it enough?

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he’d moved in with us that March, after sleeping on a couch for too long at her mother’s house.

Family rules simplify explanations, clarify expectations, and create a safe environment for your children and their friends.

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