Usps registered mail tracking not updating

21-Jan-2018 17:45

And if you think I’m being paranoid, then take a look at the comments which this post on the Italian post has attracted since it was first published in May 2009.

By way of an update for 2011, an Italian friend of mine in Genoa who often buys things online and uses the Italian post office to have them delivered has not had any problems, and has not lost anything, nor has he had packages opened.

The Italian postal service cannot be blamed if items on such a list do not arrive at destination in Italy.

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I know, I have had direct experience of the Italian post.For quick reference, here is the USPS list of prohibited items – correct as at 8th November, 2013, but I still, strongly, recommend clicking on this link to see if the list has been updated and to check the rest of the information on the page USPS list of items which you cannot mail to Italy ): No doubt some of the items on the list will surprise you. With thanks to reader Helena for drawing this list to my attention.