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’ And slam the door.” That is not to say she has side-stepped it in life. He called me back and shouted, ‘You’re Pamela Anderson; you’re lucky I’m even putting you in a f***ing film. Her marriage to Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe – the father of her sons – was savaged by violence.In 2014, during an event to introduce the Pamela Anderson Foundation in Cannes, she spoke of multiple incidents of sexual abuse growing up on Vancouver Island: by a female babysitter between the ages of 6 and 10; by a man in his mid-twenties when she was 12; by her boyfriend and six friends when she was 14. You’re never going to work in this f***ing industry again, you son of a f***ing bitch.’ “He’s so intense. Ultimately he ended up in court with Anderson testifying against him.Even her boobs had scandals when the DD implants were taken out and then put back in.Quietly in the background she was also bringing up her two sons by Tommy Lee, Dylan and Brandon (now 19 and 21), and nurturing 20-odd years in activism against animal cruelty.I suggest his is a monkish existence and she stumbles, “Oh, well, he has his, um …” I meant in an academic sense. He’s got this focus and vision.” After leaving him, invariably she fires off a letter to President Macron begging France to give him asylum, because “it would be a nice place for him to be”. Just go.’” And seemingly they were right, because Anderson “loves, loves, loves” France.

There was a sex tape, drunkenness, fall-outs with contractors (one interior designer said she and Lee spent money like they hated it).Suddenly the world’s most objectified woman was seen in the complicated context of her background. Later she helped set up the National Domestic Violence Hotline, funded through the foundation.