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13-Jul-2017 03:22

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The social dynamics are fascinating to watch and actually interact with—in some ways for better, and some for worse. Bumble, hands down, because it allows the woman to be in the driver’s seat. I still allow the rogue “lol” to make it into a text or e-mail and I overuse emojis . While dancing, a date once told me, “I want to eat your face.” The night got really strange from there. They have a more natural chemistry when I’ve met someone in person through a friend . Whatever your preference, we’ve rounded up some of Baltimore’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who we would definitely swipe right on. Now that Atlanta is done, I’m back to Seinfeld reruns.

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I put my company first, then my dog, which leaves me little time for anything else. “Hey, I’m a Baltimore magazine top single.” Thoughts on dating apps? I hope the next man I choose to open myself up to is my person.

A good laugh about a corny line can be the perfect icebreaker! Technology, social media, apps—they’re all a big part of everything we do now.