1 config files in etc need updating

11-Jul-2017 17:02

This concept enables you to make basic changes to your configuration without needing to reboot the system.Because some changes are rather complex, some programs must be restarted for the changes to take effect.

Those can be entirely sufficient in some environment (e.g. If it runs fine, then you possibly don't need any configuration at all.

For all other cases, as well as production deployment tuning, there is a way to configure many things in the broker as well as plugins.

This guide covers a number of topics related to configuration: Default config file locations vary between operating systems and package types.

There is no point in further elaborating the interactive merging here.

For completeness sake, we will list the possible commands that can be used while interactively merging the two files.

02 - Installing and updating npm 03 - Fixing npm permissions 04 - Installing npm packages locally 05 - Using a `package.json` 06 - Updating local packages 07 - Uninstalling local packages 08 - Installing npm packages globally 09 - Updating global packages 10 - Uninstalling global packages 11 - Creating modules 12 - Publishing npm packages 13 - Semantic versioning and npm 14 - Working with scoped packages 15 - Using tags 16 - Using two-factor authentication 17 - Working with tokens 18 - Modifying profile settings from the command line access adduser bin bugs build bundle cache completion config dedupe deprecate dist-tag docs doctor edit explore help help-search init install install-test link logout ls npm outdated owner pack ping prefix profile prune publish rebuild repo restart root run-script search shrinkwrap star stars start stop team test token uninstall unpublish update version view whoami conduct crawlers disputes dmca domains enterprise-terms license open-source-terms organization-plan personal-plan privacy private-terms README receiving-reports recruiting-process security terms trademark Each of these files is loaded, and config options are resolved in priority order.

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