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Deviant Art Account: A different outcome to the Lady-killer Band-Aid incident leaves Ranma with just Ukyo and Shampoo as his fiancées. Sasuke nearly kills Naruto, it affects everyone in many ways.

How will this change the lives of the three and the rest of the Wrecking Crew. There will be angst, surprises, & romance Narx Hin Kakx Kur Jirx Tsu & many more. Now decisions made in the dark will come to light while relationships will be permanently altered.

Warning be prepared for the most Evil Sadistic Sasuke ever, & Sakura takes a beating in many chapters. Will the search for a new Hokage help Naruto find the love for Konoha or insure he never feels that way again? Naruto Uzumaki's world has been thrown into turmoil after Hinata's confession of love, Hiashi's plea to save his daughter, and the Kyubi seeking a new 'arrangement'.

The year after the war was a confusing time for the teen warriors. Through the turmoil, Naruto will discover power and something even greater. This innocent moment created a connection between two lonely children years before destiny intended.

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Well, as Hokage he has some tricks of his own to prevent that the talented new generation is burned before it can shine. Uzumaki Naruto, heir to a clan, promising ninja, inventive boy, but ... Together, they must find the Legendary Spirits, defeat the evil forces, and fulfill their destiny in order to save both the Digital World AND the Human World. He'll help others with his bowblade, & become the hero hidden in the night, The Green Arrow.

After failing the Genin Exam for the second time, Naruto is found in the woods crying by none other than Hinata Hyuuga. When Pacifica's finally had enough of her parents, she runs away with Dipper, Stan, and Ford on the Stan-o-War to hunt for the paranormal. (Eventually will be Dipcifica, but they'll be taking it slow.) (Rated T for abuse and frightening situations)Combo of classic and new version of the woman. May change to M rating in Shippuden What would happen if Kags and Inu mated BEFORE the end of the show? Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers" and "Phantom Showdown: The Thunder Brothers vs. R&RThe challenge of brown phantom's Hidden Bloodline.

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