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Search online, talk to people who work in technical fields, and connect with local groups. And, sometimes there’s concern that a person might steal an idea. Start soft sounding your ideas directly with your prospective users. See one of my early 19 Minute Yoga “comment cards” here for reference and feel free to steal some of the standard questions.

We tell ourselves these stories to let us off the hook–to prevent us from executing. #Genius Steals Share your idea with friends, family, and most importantly, the people you want to help–your target market. When Bhasin surveyed her GLYD users, she learned that she was missing some key features, including messaging and following.

Its profile preferences include age, gender, and location. For .99 a month, users can have two brackets per day, with no time barriers and the opportunity to chat with the top two picks in each bracket.

To better narrow down their profile and likeability, users can answer Bracket-created questions, such as: , which is just a horrid, awful show. The ratings come from users who are prompted to review and rate other daters' profiles during each tournament bracket. Females get ranked starting at Alluring all the way up to Goddess; males are ranked from Handsome to Mr. Bracket was created by Whitney Linscott, a Dallas resident who left auto finance to bravely dive into the realm of entrepreneur.

The workshop facilitated her first steps, but Linscott noted, “Just to participate in the workshop was K.” Connect With Your Local Tech Community Many cities have local developer or app focused meetups. Early Feedback Forms When I first started building 19 Minute Yoga, I recorded a rough version of my first class, posted it on Soundcloud, and collected early feedback through Google forms.

Even if you’re not going to hire a development company, start networking and identify local resources. Fear of rejection and never feeling “ready” can trick you into keeping quiet. Most importantly — There should be communication with your key demographic before anyone writes a line of code. I learned what people liked best, what I could do better, and how someone would describe my class to a friend.

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I think there's a lot of millennials who want to meet people but are not ready for marriage. Research popular categories and bring a fresh spin to an existing audience. You don’t have to invent something completely new; you can improve upon an existing idea.They realized technology could solve many pain points in the construction process, as a vertical it was a huge opportunity. Ask yourself, is your audience using a certain device or platform? It’s an ongoing commitment and not a one-off project.

If you’re a non-technical founder, this is the most important step. You have a few options: Also, as a non-technical founder, you’ll benefit from a technical advisor or consultant. Search Everywhere For A Developer When Lori Cheek launched her first app, Cheekd, she had two business-side co-founders, but no one on the technical side.

When she decided to build an app, she attended a workshop with an app development company.